Frequently Asked Questions BSD
  1. FreeBSD locking an account
  2. How do I find out the MAC address of my Linux or FreeBSD system?
  3. Environment variable changing on Linux/FreeBSD
  4. FreeBSD Find out who is logged in?
  5. FreeBSD: Forcefully unmount a disk partition to get rid of device busy error
  6. FreeBSD Hardware compatibility List (HCL)
  7. How To FreeBSD Remount Partition
  8. FreeBSD Set Date Time and Timezone
  9. Howto Open a PDF file under Linux / FreeBSD
  10. Open / view .chm file under Linux or FreeBSD
  11. Howto Compiling C program and creating executable file under Linux / UNIX / *BSD
  12. How do I turn on telnet service on for a Linux / FreeBSD system?
  13. How do I find out what ports are listening/open on my Linux / FreeBSD server?
  14. How do I make a Linux or FreeBSD file an executable file?
  15. MySQL startup script under BSD/Linux
  16. How do I find the largest top 10 files and directories on a Linux / UNIX / BSD filesystem?
  17. FreeBSD Mount CDROM / DVD Drive From The Command Prompt
  18. FreeBSD or BSD reboot and shutdown system
  19. Show all installed packages or software in Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD
  20. chkconfig on FreeBSD to start services automatically initial boot time
  21. Howto: FreeBSD configure or use mouse to copy and paste at a terminal
  22. Linux OR BSD: How to speed up compile time with GNU make
  23. Linux or FreeBSD command to display system time and date
  24. FreeBSD add a user to group
  25. Run ASP.Net on a Linux, Solaris UNIX, Mac OS X or FreeBSD
  26. FreeBSD CPU Information
  27. List installed packages on Linux or FreeBSD / OpenBSD system
  28. Locate files on linux, FreeBSD and UNIX system
  29. How do I install and search FreeBSD ports or a package?
  30. FreeBSD Setting up Firewall using IPFW
  31. FreeBSD install VIM text editor
  32. How to add a ssh user in FreeBSD server
  33. Star / Stop FTP server on FreeBSD / OpenBSD
  34. OpenBSD install BASH shell package
  35. FreeBSD admin book / handbook
  36. FreeBSD Lighttpd fastcgi php configuration and installation
  37. How do I install FreeBSD kernel source code?
  38. FreeBSD find out RAM size including total amount of free and used memory size
  39. FreeBSD install Perl language
  40. Examining the Linux / FreeBSD / UNIX filesystem with ls command
  41. FreeBSD pw command examples
  42. OpenBSD set up default boot time by modifying boot.conf file
  43. OpenBSD Install MySQL Server
  44. FreeBSD send mail with attachments from command line / shell prompt
  45. FreeBSD start / stop / restart MySQL Server
  46. FreeBSD: Get / Read Hard Disk Temperature using smartd tools
  47. How to compile program under Linux / UNIX / FreeBSD
  48. FreeBSD Install gnupg Cryptographic Software
  49. How To Upgrade FreeBSD 6.2 to FreeBSD 6.3 ( Minor Update ) using freebsd-update utility
  50. FreeBSD Set a Default Route / Gateway
  51. FreeBSD Static Routing Configuration
  52. FreeBSD Find Out all Installed Hard Disk Information
  53. FreeBSD Set Speed Duplex For My Network Card ( NIC )
  54. FreeBSD Configure NIC Jumbo Frames
  55. FreeBSD VLAN Configuration
  56. Reconfiguring FreeBSD Ports – Remove OPTIONS config For Any Port
  57. FreeBSD WARNING: Vulnerability Database Out of Date, Checking Anyway Error and Solution
  58. FreeBSD iSCSI Initiator Installation and Configuration
  59. How To Upgrade FreeBSD 6.3 to 7.0 Stable Release
  60. FreeBSD Disable /etc/rc.d Services Which Started Up At Initial Boot Time
  61. FreeBSD Display Environment Settings
  62. FreeBSD Install Applications
  63. FreeBSD Configure Apache 2.2 PHP with FastCGI mod_fcgi Module
  64. FreeBSD Install Strace – A Process Tracer And Debugging Tool
  65. FreeBSD Mount /proc File System Command
  66. Linux / FreeBSD: Multiple IP Addresses on One Interface
  67. OpenBSD Set / Configure Time Zone
  68. OpenBSD Set Date and Time
  69. OpenBSD Change Hostname
  70. OpenBSD Install Ports Collection
  71. OpenBSD Set / Change Default Gateway
  72. OpenBSD Change / Set IP Address For Network Interface
  73. OpenBSD Restart Networking Service
  74. FreeBSD Accounting: Install and Configure System Activity Reporter (SAR)
  75. FreeBSD make: don't know how to make buildkernel. Stop Error and Solution
  76. FreeBSD cvsup: Update The FreeBSD From Previous Releases Using Source Code
  77. FreeBSD ERROR: (8011-323-1057) Failed to allocate memory and Solution
  78. FreeBSD Configure IPv6 Networking / Static IP Address
  79. FreeBSD Install BASH Shell
  80. FreeBSD Install and Configure Webmin Web-based Interface ( Control Panel )
  81. FreeBSD Install Logwatch Tool For Log Analysis and Monitoring
  82. FreeBSD / OpenBSD: PF Firewall Filter Large Number Of Subnets and IP Address
  83. How To Patch / Upgrade BIND 9.x Under FreeBSD Operating System
  84. FreeBSD Install lsof To Displays Information About Files Open to Unix processes
  85. FreeBSD dnstop: Monitor and Display DNS Server Traffic On Your Network
  86. BSD FTP-Proxy: PF Firewall Allow Outgoing Active / Passive FTP Connections
  87. FreeBSD php5-posix-5.2.6 has known vulnerabilities error – Stop in /usr/ports/sysutils/php5-posix.
  88. FreeBSD Install Munin Network and System Monitoring Application
  89. FreeBSD Find Out Network Card / Port Speed
  90. FreeBSD: How To Add A Second Hard Disk
  91. FreeBSD csh / tcsh: Export Shell Variable
  92. BSD PF Firewall: Displays Active Packetfilter States And Rules
  93. How To Upgrade FreeBSD Jail ( OS Level Virtualization )
  94. FreeBSD: Cannot load /usr/local/libexec/apache22/ into server: /usr/local/libexec/apache22/
  95. FreeBSD: Apache httpready filter – Failed to enable the 'httpready' Accept Filter
  96. FreeBSD Install mod_security For The Apache HTTPD Server
  97. FreeBSD Apache Jail: Connection refused: connect to listener on Error and Solution
  98. FreeBSD: Load Kernel Module at Runtime
  99. FreeBSD Enable PF ALTQ Firewall Support
  100. FreeBSD: Mount /usr/ports Inside Jail
  101. FreeBSD: Install PHP xcache Opcode Cacher
  102. FreeBSD Configure Apache PHP with mod_fastcgi Module
  103. FreeBSD Install and Configure Apache Web Server
  104. FreeBSD Install Nginx Webserver
  105. FreeBSD: Nginx FastCGI PHP Configuration
  106. FreeBSD: Start / Stop / Restart Nginx Web Server
  107. FreeBSD: Nginx Virtual Hosting Configuration
  108. FreeBSD: Find Out If Particular Kernel Feature Compiled Or Not
  109. FreeBSD Stop IPFW Firewall
  110. Update FreeBSD Using Proxy Server (csup / portsnap proxy update)
  111. FreeBSD Obtain and Install Ports File in /usr/ports
  112. FreeBSD pkg_add: warning: package php5-pcre-5.2.6_2 requires php5-5.2.8, but php5pcre-5.2.6_2 is installed
  113. How To Upgrade FreeBSD To New Release
  114. How To Upgrade FreeBSD 7.0 to 7.1 Stable Release
  115. FreeBSD Install VIM Editor Without X11 GUI
  116. FreeBSD Install FuzzyOCR To Detect Image Spam
  117. FreeBSD: Install bindgraph To Make Graphs About Queries Sent To BIND
  118. FreeBSD: NIC Bonding / Link Aggregation / Trunking / Link Failover Tutorial
  119. FreeBSD Jail Access Private Network Via NAT and PF
  120. FreeBSD: ldconfig -v Lost Dynamic Linker Configuration
  121. FreeBSD: Upgrade PHP4 To PHP5
  122. FreeBSD Jail Add Multiple IPv4 / IPv6 Address
  123. Upgrade FreeBSD 7.x to 7.2 Stable Release
  124. Tunneling X Connection Through Intermediate Linux / BSD Gateway
  125. FreeBSD Move /usr or /var File System To Another Hard Disk
  126. FreeBSD Jail Allow Ping / tracerouter Commands
  127. FreeBSD Prevent Users From Seeing Information About Processes Owned by Other Users
  128. OpenBSD Restart / Reload OpenSSH Without Rebooting
  129. OpenBSD Mount And Use a USB Flash Drive
  130. FreeBSD Change User Password Shell Script
  131. FreeBSD Install OpenNTPD NTP Server / Client To Synchronize The Local Clock
  132. FreeBSD Disable Bell / Beep ( Hardware beep )
  133. Setup FreeBSD Jail With ezjail
  134. FreeBSD List All Installed Ports / Applications
  135. Linux / BSD Shell Doesn't Recognize Newly Installed Binaries
  136. FreeBSD Squid Proxy Caching Server Increase File Descriptors Limits
  137. FreeBSD Set Network Polling To Boost Performance
  138. FreeBSD Check The Health of Adaptec RAID Array
  139. FreeBSD Install DJBDNS Server
  140. FreeBSD Configure DJBDNS TinyDNS Server
  141. FreeBSD tinydns: Sets Up a DNS Publication / Authoritative Name Server
  142. FreeBSD DJBDNS: Tinydns Create a Zone File For Domain
  143. FreeBSD DJBDNS: Tinydns Add Additional Domain Names
  144. FreeBSD DJBDNS: Create Secondary TinyDNS Server
  145. FreeBSD DHCP Set Hostname ( Empty Hostname After Reboot )
  146. BSD PF Firewall Block FTP Bruteforce Attacks
  147. FreeBSD: Benchmark The Disks Seek And Transfer Performance
  148. FreeBSD Update All Installed Ports / Applications
  149. FreeBSD Upgrade Perl 5.8.x to 5.10.x
  150. FreeBSD Install .TBZ Package File
  151. FreeBSD: Restart Apache Server
  152. HowTo: Upgrade FreeBSD 7.2 To FreeBSD 8 Using csup
  153. FreeBSD Install vnStat: A Console-Based Network Traffic Monitor
  154. FreeBSD acd0: FAILURE – unknown CMD (0×03) ILLEGAL REQUEST ASC=0×20 ascq = 0×00 Error and Solution